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Pendants, Jewelry and the ramblings of a mad bead hoarder.....

Posted by JM S on

beading blog
Beads, charms, pendants, gemstones! They are every where in my studio. They've taken over.  I hope to some day be caught up with all the offerings I have for everyone but alas, until then they will remain in boxes, baggies, nooks and crannies!  This is a representation of what's happening in my brain at all times. 
Anyhow...how about we start with items that are actually available and not in a box hidden! 
Clicking the photos will take you to the item
Black Onyx Pendant set in vermeil bezel. There is but 1 of these beauties available.  Faceted and very elegant looking.  Awesome for the minimalist, which is probably a movement I should be looking into with all these boxes surrounding me. 
There will be more jewelry up for grabs soon, some handmade, some are pre-made.  Always affordable. A few new listings made an appearance just today. One being a very pretty glass dome butterfly on black leather cord.  Very Summery & so colourful. 
As always, I am a work in progress so I will keep on chuggin' away to bring you more new goodies! I hope everyone is safe and well during this COVID-19 pandemic.  If you've been creating and purchased from the Sugabeads store or from my Etsy shop I'd love to see your finished product. 
Keep creating!