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4 Mixed Antiqued Oval Bronze Cabochon Setting, Fits 40mm x 30mm, Lace Cabochon Settings

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Antiqued Bronze Oval Cabochon Setting. Fits 30mm x 40mm setting.

Qty: 4 Mixed pieces, 1 of Each variety. Approx Measurements:
Fits: 30mm x 40mm Cab

Outer Tray Sizes:

Tray 1: Leaf Motif 55mm x 35mm
Hole size: 3.2mm
Depth: 2mm

Tray 2: Lace Design 53mm x 40mm
Hole Size: 3.4mm
Depth: 2mm

Tray 3:
Smooth Design 54mm x 38mm
Hole Size: 3mm
Depth: 2mm

Tray 4: Rope Design 50mm x 37mm
Hole Size: 3.2mm
Depth: 2mm

Zinc Alloy that is lead and nickel free